Cecil County Chamber Business Card Exhcange

Set Sail for Success: Business Card Exchange 
Hosted by the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce on July 11th from 4-8pm in Chesapeake City.

Set Sail for Success: Business Card Exchange on the High Seas & Under the Umbrellas!
Calling all Cecil County business professionals!
Are you looking to expand your network in a unique and unforgettable way? Then get ready to set sail for success with the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce!
Join us for our exclusive Summer Business Mixer that is like no other! This exciting event will take place in two stunning locations:
Start with rum on the water: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Cecil County waterfront as you mingle with fellow business leaders on a boat tour.
Finish with rum on the land: Wind down from the boat tour at the Rummur Lounge, our 2024 Mocks and Socks Contest Winner, with its outdoor seating, perfect for fostering connections over delicious cocktails, mocktails, meals and more!