North East Chamber Award Nominations

Nominations are OPEN through Friday, December 15, 2023

    NE Chamber Awards Nomination Form

    Please use the form below to enter your North East Chamber Award Nominations by Wednesday, December 15, 2023. You do not have to nominate in every category, just fill out the sections where you are making a nomination. Winners will be announced during the North East Chamber Awards Dinner on Date TBA*. If you have any questions please contact Dann Combs at the North East Chamber, 410-287-1037

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    Volunteer of the Year

    This award recognizes and honors an outstanding individual who is volunteering their time and talent in the non-profit sector. This individual is making a significant contribution to the North East community through commitment, service, creativity, cooperation and leadership in their volunteer role(s).

    For the purposes of this award, volunteering is defined as:

    • volunteered significant unpaid hours

    • contributed talents, energy and skills to help non-profit organizations in the community

    • be of benefit to the organization and to the volunteer

    The Candidate must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

    • Candidate must be a member of our community for at least 1 year

    • Candidate must have made a substantial or consistent effort in Community work over a long period of time, not in connection with his/her occupation

    • If the candidate is being considered for outstanding work in her/her occupation, their effort must have been above the normal demands of their job for a long period of time

    • Candidate must demonstrate exceptional commitment, service, creativity, cooperation, or leadership. The following areas will be assessed: Impact, Reach, Engagement, Challenges, and Inspiration

    Business of the Year

    This award recognizes a business that contributes to the economic growth and quality of life in our community. Practices a professional conduct and contributes to a sense of cooperation within the entire business community. Businesses that have received this award in the past 3 years are not eligible.

    To be eligible for this award the business must meet the following criteria:

    • Business must have been in business for at least 3 years

    • Business must be a member of the NE Chamber in good standing

    • Business may self-nominate

    • Business must be independently owned/operated

    • Business can be a store front or home based location

    • Business must demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics:

      • Revenue and/or job growth

      • Have 20 or fewer employees

      • Provides exemplary customer service

      • Encourages and provides professional development of staff

      • Volunteers within our Community

    Business Person of the Year

    The Business Person of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of our business people to the community and overall progress and/or economy of the North East and/or Cecil County area. Selection of the award is based on evidence of an individual’s successful operation in Business and evidence of significant contribution to the community. Individuals who have received this award in the past 3 years are not eligible.

    To be eligible for a nomination, the business person must meet the following criteria:

    • Worked in their business and/or trade for a minimum of 3 years

    • Own or work for a business that is a member of the NE Chamber and in good standing

    • Must exhibit community involvement

    • Partners who jointly own and operate a small business may be nominated as a “team,” so long as the number of individuals in the team nomination does not exceed four (4)

    • Candidate must meet one or more of the following criteria:

      • Displays high business and personal integrity

      • Makes significant contributions within their business area/focus

      • Understands the importance of community service and is civically engaged

      • Mentors others

    Thank you for your nominations!