Book Signing – Susan W. Green

Susan W. Green - Book Signing - North East, MD

Join us at Kathy’s Corner Shop in North East for an exclusive book signing and author meet and greet with Susan W. Green, the author of the romance novel, Crystal Lake Inn.

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100 S. Main St. North East, MD

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About the Author

Susan writes contemporary romance novels using lighthearted stories with strong female leads, showing how they overcome challenges and find true happiness.

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About the Book

Cassidy Taylor always dreamed of owning an inn. Putting several challenges behind her, she renovates a crumbling lodge on the shore of Crystal Lake. She works day and night to turn the rundown building into a beautiful and relaxing get-away and the inn is finally a success. Cassidy’s life seems full and happy. Or is it? Her family and friends are always trying to fix her up with eligible bachelors, but so far, they’ve been disasters.

Living hours away in New York City, Jack Burnett is a reclusive author with a string of books on the best sellers list. His current project is overdue, and his publisher just delivered the bad news – either get the book done or the deal is off. Jack needs a quiet place with no distractions. He finds a small inn located in Maine that boasts a relaxing lake front setting.