Book Signing with Captain Tom Teague

Join us at Kathy’s Corner Shop in North East for a book signing and author meet and greet with Captain Thomas Teague.

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100 S. Main St. North East, MD

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About the Author

Captain Teague is an experienced tugboat captain and part-time disc jockey who loves to laugh and always has a story to tell. Funny, outgoing, courageous. Not afraid to tell it like it is, or was.

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About the Book

Captain Thomas Teague chronicles his adventures on tugboats in the waters off the coast of Delaware and in the Gulf of Mexico in the early 1970s, delighting readers with humorous tales. He introduces colorful characters while injecting information about what it’s like to live onboard a tug for weeks at a time. From towing oil drilling rigs to the unique jargon of the tugboat industry to the very real dangers that lurk on every deck, this first book of a series gives readers an inside look into the world of tugboats that only Captain Teague can offer.