St. Patrick’s Week Participate

Join the North East Chamber for a week-long St Patrick’s Celebration covering two weekends (as the actual St. Patrick’s Day falls in the middle of the week) March 13-21. During this time, we are asking that everyone on Main St put up Green Lights and submit their specials, sales, and featured items for this time, along with pics. We want to particularly highlight our restaurants and publish their celebration specials and plans. Any businesses that wishes to participate can hand out green bead necklaces with a purchase. The Chamber will provide the beads. Let’s have fun and encourage shoppers to support local and “Spend The Green on Main”!

Below is a “Participant’s Form” for you to complete by March 2nd. We will use this information for social media and promoting your business and promotions throughout St. Patrick’s Week from March 13-21, 2021.